Looking to design, build or verify an energy efficient home or building, in South Australia?

If so, look no further than ‘Create a Sustainable Home’

Whether you’re a builder, an architect or home owner, Create a Sustainable Home will work with you to design or create (from new, or through modification) a home or structure that is as energy efficient as possible.

What’s more, we carefully consider your (and/or the resident’s) needs and goals, before providing recommendations. This ensures a perfect fit between the needs of the designer or builder, the needs of the resident and the needs of our environment.

Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme LogoOur primary areas of expertise include:

  • House energy rating assessments and reporting,
  • Thermal performance simulations, and
  • Pre-design advice to facilitate the development of sustainable homes

Helping you help the world… (and your wallet)

Create a Sustainable Home are the ‘energy efficiency experts’. We’re available to advise on products and practices to help you not only reduce the strain on our environment, but reduce the strain on your budget. In fact, we can reduce household energy bills by as much as 70%.

For more information

For information specific to your needs, choose from Builders, Architects/Draftsmen or Home Owners. Then, contact us on (08) 8556 6910, to take the first step towards creating a truly sustainable home or structure.

  • Builders

    • New homes
    • Extensions
    • Units & apartments
  • Architects/Draftsmen

    • Thermal simulations
    • Design optimisation
    • Assisting passive design
  • Home Owners

    • Pre-design advice
    • Material recommendations
    • Renovation simulations & advice