Shay JuryOwner and Independent Technical Expert, Shay Jury, has always had a desire to make a positive impact on the environment. This passion, coupled with a natural affinity for science and analysis, led Shay to study a Bachelor of Environmental Science at Flinders University. He then worked in coastal restoration/conservation, contaminated land assessment and most recently, ecology.

However, Shay was inspired to establish ‘Create a Sustainable Home’ through the experience of successfully designing and building his own energy efficient, sustainable home, on a shoestring budget (see image below).

In the process of doing so, Shay realised he had a desire to help other people build energy efficient, thermally comfortable homes, too. What better way of making a positive impact on what Shay knew (as an Environmental Scientist) to be the most pressing environmental concern of our time… climate change.

After completing training in Building Thermal Performance (Residential) using sophisticated ‘FirstRate 5′ software, Shay was ┬ácertified as a House Energy Rating assessor and Create a Sustainable Home was born.

Create a Sustainable Home’s ultimate aim is to make┬ásustainable housing more accessible through early intervention and consultation at the pre-design and design phases, whilst dispelling the myth that sustainable housing has to be expensive.