Our Zero Carbon Challenge

7 May 2012

Create a Sustainable Home were proud to be part of Team Energy Aspect Living, one of four finalists in the Zero Carbon Challenge.

An initiative of the Land Management Corporation (LMC) and the Integrated Design Commission (IDC), the Zero Carbon Challenge aimed to encourage industry to be innovative in designing and constructing a home with minimal environmental impact over its projected lifetime of about 50 years.

Create a Sustainable Home assisted by providing additional design and construction material advice, to increase the thermal performance of the home. We also ran a number of simulations using our advanced software, to verify the best combination of materials. This process helped us reach a very impressive 8.3 stars for the House Energy Rating (thermal performance rating) which meant the home would stay naturally comfortable throughout the year without the need for active heating and cooling. This alone will help increase energy efficiency by approximately 38% over the average Australian home, and with other energy efficient measures such as solar hot water, energy efficient lighting, appliances and white goods, energy efficiency will be increased by up to 70% over the average Australian home.

Whilst a fellow finalist won the prize to build at Lochiel Park, builders Energy Aspect Living still hope to construct our ‘Zero Carbon Home’ elsewhere, and are currently investigating options to make it a reality.